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Areas Of Focus

  • Teachers & Leaders

    Teachers & Leaders

    Teachers are charged with developing our state’s most precious resource: our children. Unfortunately, they are often underpaid and overburdened with requirements that can have little to do with actual teaching. Gov. Perry has worked hard to improve teacher pay, increase the number of teachers and provide mentoring resources to improve both teacher quality and retention.

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  • Standards


    In a state with more than 23 million people, it is essential to have a baseline understanding of requirements so that children across Texas have an equal opportunity to succeed in life. By pressing for uniform standards across the state, Gov. Perry has challenged schools to enhance their emphasis on core courses and provide a better preparation for higher education.

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  • Learning & Learning Environment

    Learning & Learning Environment

    Education is about more than teachers lecturing and students raising their hands to answer questions. Gov. Perry has placed a strong emphasis on providing a rich learning experience in the form of personalized study guides and graduation plans, improved student health and safety and programs to increase the emphasis on math and science.

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  • Accountability


    Accountability is an essential element of Gov. Perry’s approach to governance. Too often, government and its surrogates have operated out of plain sight, spending taxpayer dollars with little regard to outcomes. Gov. Perry has pressed for increased accountability for schools and teachers in the form of standardized testing to ensure all the children of Texas are getting a fair shake. 

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